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Flat and out of timing-sync. Kiltro KILTRO, Importé d’Espagne, langues sur les détails Le braquage et le cascadeur chilien Marko Zaror marque son émergence sur la scène d’action internationale avec ce film d’arts martiaux rapide sur le chef d’un petit gang de la rue chilienne qui trouve la rédemption en défendant les personnes qu’il aime le plus. Retrait immédiat en magasin. Pour arriver ici, rien de plus simple, les internautes cinéphiles ont recherché par exemple DVD Kiltro kiltro. Cliquez-ici pour en savoir plus. Coffret kaamelott, saisons 1 à 6 [Blu-ray]. Identifiez-vous pour activer la commande 1-Click.

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Un produit à recycler? Reconnu comme l’élu des Dieux, il est investi d’une noble mission envers son peuple. En bref Nos membres ont aussi vu. Basically everything I just mentioned Il est grand temps de se faire plaisir, le tout au meilleur prix! Let’s make it clear, first and foremost, that Marko Zaror truly is a rising star:

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Profession Tueur [Blu-ray] []. Partagez votre opinion avec les autres clients. Zaror est apparu dans plusieurs films d’action espagnols kilto, y compris Chinango et Kiltroet a agi comme cascadeur pour The Rock dans le film Bienvenue dans la jungle. Ne faite pas la meme erreur que moi. C’est absolument desastreux et Nul.

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I got this movie because I wanted to see more of Kkiltro after watching Mirage Man. This movie, attempting to be a derivative Chilean chopsocky movie, ends up being the best chopsocky movie ever.

Comedy, drama, action, rolled into B-movie chopsocky bloody goodness richly red and spurtastic; the ridiculous splashes of CGI blood work perfectly, this movie is essentially a live-action comic book in B-movie splendor. Zaror is Zamir, a thuggish yet kind-hearted oaf, who is obsessively in love and protective of Kim a breathtakingly beautiful Caterina Gratuitsment. Zamir is a gifted kilfro untrained street fighter.


When a Sith Lord or whatever shows up to create evil havoc, Zamir must learn to refine his skills by mastering the use of The Force or something. Derivative, wanna-be, yet masterful and utterly fantastic.

film kiltro gratuitement

The student movie teaches the master genre. Perhaps gdatuitement favorite moment is when the director comedically punches our romantic expectations in the face, quite literally.

DVD Kiltro

Kiltro tells the simple and yet convoluted tale of Zamir, his obsession with a woman, and a bloodthirsty villian out for revenge against all that wronged him years ago. The basic story is passable enough to showcase first time director Ernesto Diaz, and of course Marko Zaror as a formidable martial arts star.

Now for the good about Kiltro; a hero who sports a mullet, evil goons who look like they were transplanted straight from Michael Jacksons « Beat It » music video and are led by the evil Max Kalba?! The bad about Kilro? Basically everything I just mentioned It’s definitely not for everyone, but for those that would ever even think about renting a movie named « Kiltro » in the first place, and you know who you are should at least be entertained with what the film delivers.

As far as the action goes, it’s really pretty good if not a bit over-enhanced The only real problem with the action is that there just isn’t enough, which makes the 98 minute runtime seem to drag on more than a few occasions. More martial arts mayhem and a little less exposition and flashbacks attempting to explain why the villian wants revenge would easily merit another star, but as is, 3 is maybe even a tad generous.

I read somewhere that director Diaz and lead Zaror have been friends since high school and actually had planned this movie since then That’s the throwback charisma of Kiltro. As the first martial arts film ever produced in Chile, « Kiltro » is pretty darn good When a mysterious, revenge-seeking assassin Miguel De Luca arrives in town and attacks the tae kwon do school of Kim’s father, Zamir is nearly beaten to death but rescued by a mystic sect that will not only reveal to him the dark connections between the assassin, Kim’s father Man Soo Yoonand himself, but also train him in the world of martial arts to redeem himself.

Let’s make it clear, first and foremost, that Marko Zaror truly is a rising star: Comparable to Tony Jaa, he’s big on flips and spin kicks, capable of delivering multiple blows in a single leap, and incorporates some wrestling moves for a power effect. A wise old teacher in the movie played by Chilean TV veteran Alejandro Castillo instructs him « Your leg should move as naturally as your eyelids », and Zaror achieves this effect without the use of wires, CGI, or the speeding up of footage. With that said, there is not nearly enough fighting in the movie: The best encounter is definitely between Zaror and about twenty of the assassin’s henchmen, but this sadly also showcases the film’s lazy use of CGI blood spurts, which are unrealistic enough to make you pause the film and wonder what in the world you’re watching.


Being both a throwback to the corny-yet-entertaining era of action’s heyday and a film in which three of its stars have never acted before, the thematic aspects are along the lines of what you’d expect from a dumb action movie but passable nonetheless, with a few scenes involving Zamir, his mother, and Kim showcasing at least some dramatic know-how.

Kiltro – film – AlloCiné

Sadly, this is undermined by a seemingly endless supply of boring flashbacks that aid the telling of a story that you could’ve figured out by yourself. Most damning, however, is that the movie just isn’t as interesting as the filmmakers wanted it to be: You could’ve turned the cane into a lollipop, the sect into a catering service, the hot girl into your mother, and the dwarf into a skinny giant, and the movie would probably be pretty much the same because it fails to take full advantage of all of these cool little aspects; I ended up feeling that it could’ve all been a lot, lot cooler.

Still, Marko Zaror is still with us, and that’s what counts as long as he fulfills his potential as one of the most able-bodied men in action cinema today. If you’re a diehard fan of this man the movie kiltdo barely knows, give « Kiltro » a kilro But sound absolutely awful. Flat and out of kilteo. En savoir plus sur Amazon Prime.

film kiltro gratuitement

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